The Head Dramaturgy of State Theatres is a department established to “ensure the development, progress and international promotion of Turkish drama and spread and promote it; improve the language and culture, love of homeland, interest to aesthetics and general education of Turkish society; ensure that Turkish society concludes correct judgments by supporting their culture on basic values; contribute to the cultivation of Turkish writers; ensure the international promotion of the works of Turkish authors; introduce the world classics and the news in the art of theatre; and contribute to the development of the cultural collaboration between Turkey and other countries by collaborating with foreign artists”.


Carrying out the first assessment of the offers, recommendations and presentations regarding the foregoing purposes and responsibilities, the Head Dramaturgy department also evaluates new plays, staged works and translated play offers and attempts to enrich the archive and repertoire opportunities of State Theatres.


Fields of Work of the Head Dramaturgy Department


1. Play Sharing


2. Original Translation/Play Application, Evaluation and Process