Adult's Play
ACT - 1 hours 15 minutes

Writers Boris Vian – John Steinback
Translated by  Işıl Yüce – Ülkü Tamer
Adapted for Theatre by Gökhan Aktemur
Directed by Akif Yeşilkaya


Soldier Akın Kurt 

Set Designer Ali Cem Köroğlu
Costume Designer Ali Cem Köroğlu
Light Designer Kerem Çetinel
Composer  Dengin Ceyhan
Dramaturgist Füsun Ataman
Co-Director Ersin Ayhan
Director’s Assistant Bengi Ebru Atakan / Ecem Çataloğlu

Stage Manager Mesut Dalaz
Sound Technician Mehmet Şişeci
Light Technician  Osman Burak Sakallıoğlu / Süleyman Tavan
Prompter Ayşe Şenoğlu
Set Supervisor Şafak Kocatuş 
Propman Hakan Erarslan
Wigs Maker Sami Öztürk
Cinevision Supervisor Hakan Yaman


“The Ants/Once There Was a War” consists of the stories written in a diary kept by a soldier lying at the heart of the war. At the last page of the diary, a surprise waits for this soldier. “The Play” may start at this point. It leads him to interrogate the real terror of the war and life under the circumstances of the play which are getting harder and the soldier tries to understand what kind of a “play” this war is and how it is fictionalised on human and humanity.

Moreover, this play is not a play that can be won by destroying the enemy... It is a play which has no consequences but death and destruction... It is a play ends with the loss of humanity in all circumstances...

The ants are the ones sacrificed by the “playmakers” at the very beginning, the cleaners of the trash swept under the carpet, and the tingly feet of the society... Sometimes, they are nothing more than numbers... Do the words left from them create a tingling sensation in your heart?


Game Team