Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Sivas, Trabzon and Van Directorates of State Theatre bring the most famous works of local and foreign drama art with the audience together, with the repertory plays represented in our stages.


12 Theatre Directorates, which are affiliated to the General Directorate of State Theatres, organize tours to each other and to the provinces in their own regions during the season with their theatre productions. Thus, citizens living in all provinces, districts, towns and villages are reached to access to the theatre. Domestic tours, which are organized to ensure that theatre art is staged at every point in the country and to bring theatre art to the places where there are no stages established, is one of the most important activities of the General Directorate of State Theatres.


International tours, organized with the main purposes of promoting Turkish performing arts in abroad, creating necessary relations to take a step for building cultural bridges to have cultural cooperation and projects, meet the Turkish theatre needs of especially Turkish diaspora where they densely live. In visited countries, promotion of Turkish Theatre and so Turkish culture is performed.


“Akdamar Children and Youth Theatres Festival” hosted by Van State Theatre, is the national theatre festival which contributed majorly to the realization of “improvement of Child and Youth Theatres” strategic goal of Turkish State Theatres.

The “Orhan Asena Theatre Festival” organized by the Diyarbakır State Theatre adds colour to the cultural life of Diyarbakır, where the local people have the opportunity to see the plays staged by other directorates.


It is one of the most important activities of Turkish State Theatres to organize theatre festivals in which theatre art is shared on a national and international platform and different theatre views, literature and cultures come together.

Bursa, which is one of the biggest metropolises of our country, represents important value for Balkan countries historically and culturally. With “Bursa, International Balkan Countries Theatre Festival”, which is a point of attraction for Balkan countries in many aspects, it aims to attract the attention of all the countries of the world by underlining the common historical and cultural values of these countries.

"State Theatres Sabancı International Adana Theatre Festival" hosted by Adana State Theatres, is of great importance for Turkey because it is held every year and it is the only international theatre festival that lasts about a month.


Organized by the Konya State Theatre, the first held in 2008, “Thousands of Breaths, One Voice International Turkish Theatre Countries Festival” brings together theatre groups from Turkish theatre countries. In this way, theatre lovers have the chance to see the best examples of theatre art under the umbrella of Turkish language.


Inspired by the words of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk “Little ladies, little gentlemen! You are all the roses, the stars and the sparkling joy of our future”, “Little Ladies, Little Gentlemen International Children's Theatre Festival”, which is the most comprehensive children's festival in Europe, continues to bring together the most distinguished, most different and qualified examples of children's plays with little art lovers.

Culture and art contribute to peace and offer people the opportunity to get to know each other by bringing them closer.

Organized by the Trabzon Theatre, the "International Black Sea Theatre Festival" is an important festival that contributes to world peace and cultural cooperation of the countries of the region.

"Antalya International Theatre Festival", which is worthy of both touristic and historical importance of Antalya city and hosted the most respected theatre groups, is hosted by Antalya State Theatre.


State theatres has established a wide network across the country with the plays staged in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Sivas, Trabzon and Van, and regular tours to Gaziantep, Elazig, Malatya, Samsun, Çorum, Aydın, Kahramanmaraş, Rize, Denizli Ordu, Edirne ve Kayseri. This network will expand with new stages in other provinces.


In accordance with the protocol we have made with the Ministry of National Education, children who do not have the opportunity to go to the theatre have the opportunity to see free plays in order to contribute to the awareness of theatre, to adopt and spread the art of theatre and to raise the audience of the future.

Diyarbakır State Theatre conducts the projects of "Let nobody Live without Theatre" and "Inter-High School Theatre Festival". “Let Nobody Live Without a Theatre”; Within the scope of the project carried out to contribute to the social and cultural development of the people who came to Diyarbakır, especially through migration, to encourage their participation in cultural and artistic activities, the children and adults who never saw plays were enabled. “Inter-High School Theatre Festival”; It is a project that includes the representation of the plays prepared by high school students on the stage of Diyarbakır State Theatre within the scope of the festival, by establishing a theatre community in 10 schools selected to contribute to the social, cultural, artistic and individual development of high school students living in Diyarbakır.

Within the scope of the "Let No Children Without Theatre," that has been held since 2006, students studying in the provinces where they are located, especially by the Istanbul State Theatre Directorate, are invited to the gala and general rehearsals of the plays.

In order to engage in activities that encourage children and young people to participate in cultural and artistic activities, primary education teachers were trained by the Van Directorate of State Theatre Artists for three months on the stage of play staging by the Van Directorate of State Theatre and the Ministry of National Education. As a result of this course, teachers who took courses organized festivals in which the plays they performed in their schools were staged and the main theme was “Every School is a Theatre”.

Required educational and technical support is provided for theatre studies carried out during the education and training years in schools in the provinces where Theatre Directorates are located.

In order to support the raise of national awareness, stage performances suitable for the subject of the relevant days and weeks were prepared and staged on national days and weeks.

It is ensured that the children, who are not able to go to the theatre, to the orphaned children, the children living in the streets and the children who do not have the opportunity to go to the theatre, are provided with free of charge.

During the season, free plays were staged in closed and open prisons within the framework of social and cultural activities for adult and child convicts and detainees.

The costume, decor and accessory materials produced in the workshops of our General Directorate are provided to contribute to the artistic activities of universities, high schools and equivalent schools, primary schools, non-governmental organizations and associations operating in the public interest.

As the General Directorate, our plays are free of charge to veterans, widows and orphans of martyrs, disabled people and people falling under the Law no.2022 on monthly salary who are Turkish citizens and have reached the age of 65 and needy, weak and desolate.

Stages belonging to State Theatre Directorates are allocated for universities, high schools and equivalent schools, primary schools, non-governmental organizations and public interest associations to stage their artistic activities.

The first project "GITAR", which was performed as the pilot project of the Directorate of State Theatres and the Prime Ministry Disabled People Administration within the scope of the Social Responsibility Project, met with the theatre audience free of charge in the 2008-2009 theatre season. Efforts are underway to implement this project in other regions as well.



Izmir State Theatre supported the European Union Project "Miş’li Sanatlarda Görünmeyen Eller – Invisible Hands in Pluperfect Time Art", implemented by Dokuz Eylül University, as a project partnership. Within the scope of the project, trainers were provided young people in order to give behind-the-scenes technical training.

-  Within the scope of the Cultural Bridges Program by the European Union, there are State Theatres as activity partners in the “Thousand Faces of Don Giovanni: The Intersection of Cultures” activity within the Kaleidoscope Europe Project, which is carried out by the Ankara Italian Cultural Centre. Within the framework of this activity, the gala performance of the play "Don Giovanni and His Servant Pulcinella" by State theatre artists took place on 12 June 2009.


Another important role of General Directorate of State Theatres is to encourage Turkish playwriters to enrich Turkish drama literature and to enrich play repertory with new ones upon meticulous examinations.